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Removable Appliances

Removable Braces – are made of plastic (acrylic or perspex) with wire clips and springs. A removable brace is clipped to the teeth so that it gets support from the teeth and also from the roof of the mouth. The wire clips are individually made to secure the brace and move the teeth.

Removable braces

Clear Braces – Invisalign

This treatment involves using a set of transparent, almost invisible removable aligners. You wear each one for approximately 2 weeks to move your teeth gradually until you have achieved the desires result. The duration and cost of the treatment depends on the complexity of the case. This treatment is only available privately.

Invisalign invisible braces image - Tooth straighten Invisalign makes your aligners step 2 - Cosmetic dental treatment
The Cambridge Centre for Orthodontics, 72 Canterbury St, Cambridge, CB4 3QF, T: 01223 350937