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Fixed Appliances

Fixed braces are the most common type of appliance.  Attachments (brackets)  are bonded to the tooth surface and are linked by wires to produce pressure to move the teeth to carefully specified positions.

Fixed braces are designed not to be removed until the end of the treatment. As the teeth move towards the correct position the wires are changed to improve control.


  • Metal brackets - are made from stainless steel.
fixed appliance
Fixed appliance - Metal brackets
  • Clear Brackets – are made from plastic or ceramic material and are less visible.  They are harder to use and more expensive to produce.  These are the choice of those concerned about the look of braces and are available privately for adults and some children’s treatment.

Elastics – some patients need to wear elastic bands between the upper and lower fixed braces to improve the bite and the appearance of teeth. They are worn 24 hours a day but are removed for brushing the teeth.

The Cambridge Centre for Orthodontics, 72 Canterbury St, Cambridge, CB4 3QF, T: 01223 350937